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More recently, quilted material were associated only with winter warm jacket and padded items, and the most fashionable of us — with the iconic Dior and Chanel bags. But today, the world’s authoritative podiums dictate the opposite: quilted things this season have become the trend.

cara delevingne in quilted jacket

Quilted clothing has its own history, the beginning of which is credited to ancient China. If the original two pieces of fabric and insulation between them, stitched with straight stitches, used as a lining under any clothes, the designers in 2015 offer us not to hide it.

Stella McCartney, Chanel, Isabel Marant and many other fashion brands presented in their collections various coats and jackets from fashionable quilted material.

Moreover, we noticed even quilted skirts and jackets: insulated stylish clothes to wear, we offer brands such as Alexander Wang, Christian Dior, Kenzo, Miu Miu and others.

Fashion on the quilted stuff plays into our hands, because what could be better than a perfect combination of fashion trends and comfort? Warm, practical and pretty — all this can be easily combined in our winter and early spring looks this year.


Perhaps we can not be surprised by the quilted outerwear: coats and jackets from stitched material are almost everyone. What about the other elements in the wardrobe? Designers in this season offer us to pay attention to quilted skirts, pants and even dresses.quilted-clothing-fashion-brands

Quilted Dresses and skirts

Now beautiful bare legs are real! Designers seemed to have gone down from heaven to earth and thought about the adaptation of gorgeous podium’s outfits for not glamorous cold season. So here, this comfortable, warm and unusual material will show its full potential.


Chanel, Miu-Miu and Dior — these three labels are not only from all of the iconic brands were demonstrating quilted bags on Fashion Weeks. We should not get used to the quilted fashionable accessories, in particular to handbags. Because we all have been familiar with them and intersect with them in everyday life and daily outfits.quilted bag dior

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