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Minimalist Clothing — The Greatness of Laconic Fashion

Surely succumbing metamorphosis, but without changing its main motto — «Less is more», Minimalism remains one of the most popular fashionistas’  trends around the world.

A little bit of History

This style began to acquire popularity in the mid-twenties of the twentieth century. At the time, have become quite popular Japanese motifs that differ modesty and a limited number of colors. There is such a controversial question. Who was the first designer and has started using Minimalism in theirs works? As a result, nobody has got the award.

This style is pretty old. But not everyone can afford to wear such things because I think, that it is needed to grow mentally for it. After wearing such clothes, you have to understand from this moment that you have to be yourself, because all sorts of glitter, ruffles, and other girly ugly stuff will not be able to draw attention to you, diverting attention away from all the negative aspects of your character.


why minimalism?

Mesmerizing Interaction between clothing and body. It is all about Intelligent Fashion.

Someone selects this style because of to its inherent laconic form, someone prefers it because of monochrome and restrained colors.

In any case, minimalism is a rigor and functionality, that gave us intellectual aesthetics. Apart from the lack of spare parts, decorations, and finishes, this style is refined by sophisticated  and precision cut. Thanks to the neutral colors and simple silhouettes, minimalistic outfits do not distract attention from their owners, and with proper selection of style – easy to emphasize the advantages and hide figure flaws.

Besides the fact that such clothes with interesting stylistic point of view, it is more and more comfortable in everyday life and variability: in fact, from a limited number of items of clothing can make a large number of bows.


Craig McDean S/S 1996

minimalist clothing brands — smart approach

Almost every designer in his life at least once in their collections represented dresses in a minimalist style. But for some of them, such models are not just one of the elements of a fashion show, but the hallmark of the entire collection. A striking example of this can serve as a designer Calvin Klein.

It was his collection may be the direction of minimalism in clothing in 2014. His models combine metallic, gray and black. It is these shades can accentuate your bright personality thanks to the simplicity and elegance.


Willy Vanderperre S/S 2008

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how to create minimalist outfits

To create a modern minimalist look we need to remember a few unchangeable truths. First of all, you should pay attention to the silhouette. All clothes and details should emphasize it. In any case do not abuse various super oversized items. Your elements should work for the perfect silhouette.

Also do not forget about the hairstyle, because minimalism does not combine with complicated hairstyles and other masterpieces of on the head absolutely. In general, you should refrain from complex tangles and large curls. The best option would be straight loose hair or ponytail.


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