How To Wear A Fur Coat — Ambitious Casual

Fur in Spring? Definitely yes. Especially, with pumps. Especially, on the bare feet. Hehe.

Why not add a bit of irony in the everyday life? After all, these fur, crystals, expensive shoes and branded handbags are just material things. I love Fashion with all my heart and I really know how serious and diverse it can be. But nevertheless I think that this industry itself is not a first thing where we should look for the deep sense.

I’m writing about this right now because I see the humour even in such simple and familiar closet’s elements as a fur coat, jeans and pumps. My approach to the way of combining them is not much different than other girls’, but it feels like I will be able to make it unique one day.

Ambitious Casual

So, how to wear a fur coat casually? It seems to me that the answer to this question is in the air. Just make you casual outfit more gorgeous — add a real fur coat or jacket to your simple and laconic look. You can mix it with the basic clothes, classic elements and even with sneakers. It’s up to you — fashion has no rules.

Highly recommended by me: stay luxurious and chic but never lose the irony. Even the most gorgeous outfit can look primitive and plane if it has a too serious approach. Agree?


white fur street style

fur coat street fashionnight street style

beige fur coatdiplomat-burberry-bag street-fashion-at-night

burberry bag diplomatoutfit-with-furdetails-street-style



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