Finding Your Personal Style: Up-to-date Guide

The first thing you should do before starting your way of finding your personal style — is getting to know yourself.

It is real Art — to be a personality who has a unique image that consists of only its best aspects.


It is not about fashion, but so close to it. Fashion is a helper and inspirer that guides us in the right direction, towards ourselves. But there is the only one condition: fashion and all its industry work on you only if you treat it consciously.

Needless to say, it is necessary to stay yourself in every moment of the life and discover new facets of your own characteristics, talents and possibilities every day. It will help you to identify yourself successfully, get originality and your personal sense of style.

Outer & Inner

Do you know what is the most amusing and intriguing in this topic? The thing is that the process concerning the creation the style itself helps you to achieve some important mental goals. Together with launching the new features of your appearance, you’ll definitely feel more comfortable and confident. I recommend enjoying this bonus fully.

Please, do not ignore the magical connection between style of thinking, state of mind and your appearance. Those who had no doubt in its presence, always stand out from the crowd because their eyes are shining.

how to find personal style

Evolution of the Personal Style: Tools

  • Just fifteen years ago, in order to stand out from the crowd and not to be ordinary, you just had to put loud and famous labels and brands on yourself. Those people who could afford to buy expensive clothes of a famous brand, automatically became «fashionable» and «stylish».
  • Ten years ago, to create the effect of individuality, it was enough just to take advantage of a book about the history of fashion and try its looks on yourself. Since that time, mass fashion has become a little bit more conscious.
  • Five years ago, it was thought that the ability to combine incompatible and reconcile the irreconcilable is the highest standard of style. Just remember the first attempts to combine different styles. It was shocking and sometimes ridiculous.

Finding your own style – what does it mean today?

Today, I think that a top of the disclosure of individuality, in terms of appearance, is the ability to create your own Couture and, what is important, the ability to apply it in everyday life.

But, be that as it may, the most important thing ever is to feel good and harmonious  no matter what clothes would be on you.

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