Make Fashion, Not War

Fashion Trends That Prevent Us From Being Ourselves

Abundance. Availability. Oversaturation.

Somewhere between these nouns the word «Fashion» has lost. It is that its definition, which is owned by a philistine and formed on the raw visual content such as the same as school uniforms in the USSR, fashion blogs and, slightly different to each other, shabby glossy magazines, which are tend to lie on glass tables in beauty salons. I’m talking about that fashion, which does not need any interpretation, but only satisfied with the concepts like fashion “trends” and “must-haves”. Superficial and windy, it is involved in a relationship with templates. Such mean Fashion is all around us.

Misconception about Fashion and Annoying Chanel Bags

Fashion at this level is simple and easy to understand. And, as a result, well sold. So that is why there are so mane typical looks on the street and identical pictures on Internet. The authenticity of the ubiquitous bags Chanel Boy and the number of stars of the location for another Instagram’s selfie depends on wealth and social class. But the essence remains the same.

Semantic load remains identical, but the physical differences can be discerned by a professional, just glanced one time on that popular Chanel bag. This fact should not certify in any way: everyone is pursuing their goals in such large-scale industry.

The authenticity of the ubiquitous bags Chanel

When even normcore doesn’t work

Craze about available fashion trends leads to their rapid devaluation and boredom, that affects the rate of trends’ changings. Street fashion becomes intuitively predictable, which casts doubt on the meaning of what is happening. “Creative” prints and “unusual” silhouettes become jaded and formulaic, ceasing to perform its functions — to amaze and highlight.

As a result, somebody goes crazy, hiding in Normcore (and later becomes more hysterical second time, after figuring out that the Normcore is a trend as well), and someone disclaims all his stuff and starts to make his own style at the outset. It is a real pleasure to look at such a person.

When even normcore doesn't work

Fashion «dust» that hides your personality

Frankly speaking, there is a desire to use appropriate literary device and metaphorically mark this fashionable collective unconscious in one-word — dust. Some people do not pay attention to this dust, they just only once a week «for show» wiping all horizontal surfaces in their homes. But others — with a hatred for this invisible dust and self-love, with disgust, eliminate it from the surrounding space, taking care of his energy and purity nose hair.

Trying not to get lost in the imposed trends

Your attitude to this comparison — your personal choice that is the same as the requirements for cleanliness in the house. But do not forget that under a thick layer of dust may be hiding the stunning beauty.

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