Fashion Procrastination

Hello intellectual,

These photos were taken about a year ago and now they are lucky they got title, description and alt and now they have a chance to be seen. Pretty strange, but for me they did not even ashamed, as it usually happens. I wonder if it is because they are really normal, or because I degrade and do not develop? I’ll think about it someday.

And why? Because of perfectionism. Crazy, silly and so unnecessary perfectionism. The desire to make an ideal instead of a real case, but not such a brilliant. I’m just beginning to understand and accept the fact that I still have time to do it better. No more procrastination. So today, this post will be published.

After such an imperfect introduction, I’ll write about what I do not like to write about – things. And I don’t like to talk about fashion. And to describe the trendy accessories. And to sing about a trench coat. And to write romantic poetry for berets. And to scream about labels.

I like to look at that stuff and touch it, just as I like to listen to interesting people.

The most buzz – is what exactly under these clothes and what under right thaaat beautiful wide-brimmed hat. What power is hovering around this outfit? What is the smell of that street style look? What’s in the overhead pockets of the well-known tweed jacket? What is the mood of the person who wore this black total look?

Still wondering why people choose one or the other item, why combine it and wear these shoes with this outfit. How is the personal style been forming and how different people feel differently in the same clothes?

I have been watching this since childhood and haven’t answered a lot of my questions yet. But I noticed that white shirt, black coat and minimalism – is love forever.



street style black coat - white gloves black coat

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