Does Clothing Reflect Personality?

In this article, I will not talk about how to wear a little black dress or a fur coat in the spring. There are enough authors and bloggers who talk greatly about fashion trends, current must-haves and competently advise what and how to wear. But this is not about

Most of all, I’m interested in fashion from two points of view. First — the psychological side of the modern human appearance. Second —  is a fashion as an element of art with a function of transmitting more global concepts. I like to look at things, to observe how they change their character and a message with different combinations and acquire completely new perusal. It does not matter what this thing is: fashionable, branded, vintage or just the one from a supermarket. It’s all about its properties, which can be used in different ways. It depends on whose hands it falls.

Is there any connection between you and what you wear?

Does clothing reflect personality? What do you think? At first I thought that the clothing reflects the human inner world, his character and preferences. I still think so, but still understand that there are many exceptions. The fact that the appearance of a man can say a lot — definitely yes. To do this correctly and understand the essence of a man by his clothes, one must possess not only the mind, but also considerable knowledge and personal experience.

That concerns me, I would not say that my character and passions are displayed perfectly on my appearance. I perceive clothes, shoes and accessories as tools to create an image. This image can be in different styles in different colors and have an absolutely incomprehensible message. It’s like an artist painting a picture: he takes his tools — brush and paint — and begins to fantasize, mixing colors. And I can compare my attitude to fashion and styling with the artist’s work. I take my tools — clothes, shoes and other material items — and begin to invent, combining them together. And, you know, it can get very ambiguous results and it will not say anything about my inner world!

Vintage Chic — Modern Version

Today, I am sharing with you a look I wore on a rainy day in my city. I do not consider this outfit something special and do not claim to originality. Voluminous coats, even the most gorgeous ones,  have already managed to become boring. Nobody will be surprised by a little black dress or classic pumps. But they all together make a pretty good team.

There wasn’t an aim to create an extraordinary outfit (btw, there wasn’t any aim at all), I just tried to add some retro style without losing a feeling of modernity.

The only thing I want to tell you about is this  vintage sunglasses. It’s number one in my «retro list» about «How to wear vintage today» hehe.  I think they are just perfect for our times with you guys and the for the whole modern period of fashion. I’ve always been into stylish glasses. It’s such a deft detail that can change the whole look by itself. This variant of the timeless brand has grasped my heart. They are laconic and minimalistic but so chic. These sunnies are a complete accessory that does not need a supplement.



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