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Bright Outfit in a Classical Mood

Fashion has become publicly available a long time ago.

Today it is quite easy to look good and dress well. You can see a lot of stylish people in bright outfits or monochrome looks on the street. Each of them is able to wear what they like and it is really excellent. Everybody can buy trendy clothes or accessories. Yeah, maybe not everyone can afford the luxury labels and famous brands, but there are also analogues in the mass-market stores that are really cheap. Anyway, the fashion industry has created the conditions for everyone to express themselves and look decent.

Number of trends has increased exponentially. It seems that they have captivated the streets and public places. Sometimes I can not see anything except for them and so I can not see the people behind these stubborn trends.

Timeless Classics

That’s why the meaning of the word «Fashion» is undergoing changes today. I suppose today is the perfect time to recall the timeless classics and cherish it even more. Because Classics is the only one thing in fashion that is immortal. Everything changes. You need to know exactly what should be remembered.

Today with the help of the classical outfits you can stand out from the crowd and look so elegant and extraordinary. On the background of bright prints and frank trends laconic things will win.

I’m trying to look modern by mixing clothing in the classical style with new items. It’s necessary for me to keep the balance between feminine silhouette and saucy accents or even bold details.

winfi portrait of a girlclassic coat and red scarfred beretoutfit with a beretplaid bright coat

bright outfit in classic mood

modern classicsbright outfit in a classical mood


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