Black Outfit Idea — Contemporary Gothic

What do you guys think about total black looks? Are you sick and tired of them already?

I love black with all my heart and consider this color a flawless classic with magical features. Regardless of your body shape or size, it is always flattering and relevant. It can be the brightest color if it used properly. Don’t know what «properly» means? Just look, for example, at Carine Roitfeld or Rei Kawakubo and you’ll see.

Frankly speaking, nowadays I wear black rarely. Not sure what the reasons are but it feels like I’m just tired of it. You can meet a lot of young people dressed in total black looks on the streets. I guess they put this dark clothes by inertia — TBL as a fashion trend has outlived itself a long time ago.

Contemporary Gothic

We all know that black is a timeless classic that was the one and only favorite color of beautiful Gabriel Chanel. But let’s admit, it is also associated with well-known subcultures. I’m 22 now and all of my extreme mental and visual transformations are long gone. But when my Dad sees me wearing a dark outfit he still asks me: «Daughter, are you a Goth?» Yeah, he is a funny one and doesn’t take it too serious but the thing is there are a lot of people who perceive black for something negative.

I prefer not to think about it because I’m not trying to please anyone. Sometimes I hear different comments from people who for some reason want to give the name to appearance. It’s pretty funny because I’ve never tried to embody my inner feelings or social membership with the help of clothing. It’s all about style and visual collaborations — and only the mind can affect it! 

Simple Black Outfit Idea

It’s not need to be very resourceful and creative for to diluting the monochrome look with the bright patches. But it seems to me that not all the palettes will go with the total dark outfits perfectly. Yes, here is the magic of colors. Each of them is beautiful by itself but in collaboration they can lost their Majesty. So that’s why I always chose classic combinations like in this look.

This post actually is not about black outfit ideas, it’s  more like a reasoning about the contemporary concept of the black color in fashion. Is it still trendy? Or it’s not a trend at all?

Any thoughts?
girl in a black coat

black coat and ray-ban street style

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black coat ctreet style

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kasilova in black coat red lips i-d fashion


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