My name is Christina Kasilova and I’m a founder of this website that has got its simple name — «Style & Intelligence». I’d say it is more like creative space than a digital journal or a regular fashion blog. Because it’s much more about style and its interaction with different aspects of the human life and my thoughts than just fashion stuff.
Kasilova.com was had planned even before I saw this world first time. The main concept of it — conscious fashion — was derived from my inner world and was been determining by outer one all my life long. It is a result of my long procrastination, infinite reflection and endless passion.

Main inspiration

The start of this web site was stimulated by my native country — Ukraine. I’d rather say, by its talents and creative minds. Once I realized that there are people here who inspire, who can make beauty and produce things that make sense. All these independent intellectuals and bohemians are worth knowing all over the World. My dream is to contribute to the popularization Ukrainian fashion and art in foreign countries. This idea makes me so excited. I do not know how to do it properly, so I will fantasize.

Fashion blog that is not much about fashion

Let me please not to call it a Fashion blog. This platform is comprised from my personal vision of material and mental esthetics which I am trying to save unique. One of the most important things for me is to keep all of the things and actions around me harmonical and conscious. My passion — is a style which takes place in different and even unawated moments and aspects of our life. It is not about brand, it is about style of life, appearance, thinking and acting.

So that is why I am eager to use all available technics, methods and ways to represent my diligence on these digital pages. In other words, I have been using by myself such beautiful branches of activities as writing, styling and photography. Hope, all of them will make something really special or just will be tolerable enough.

«Style & Intelligence» — Hospitable and Friendly


I am really grateful and extremely happy to share my thoughts, inspiration and other important for me things with all of you. It is a real pleasure to realize that my oeuvre is worth reading and viewing. Without you, my readers and visitors, all these letters, pictures, and codes have no meaning and value. They say, there is no person without a person.

Welcome to my creative space, which is full of Style & Intelligence.